Monday, April 17, 2017

The Testimony Of The Tomb

I recently preached a sermon about the Testimony of the Resurrection. Do you realize that the gospel was first preached by the world? The enemies of Christ first preached the gospel?
1. At the cross the Roman centurion declared Jesus dead "truly this man was the Son of God". The soldier who pierced his side instead of breaking his legs also verified his death.
2. Pilate verified his death by giving Christ's body to Joseph and nicodemus to be buried. Also, the scribes bore witness of his death and burial by asking for guards to be posted at the tomb lest Christ's body be stolen.
3. When Christ arose - the soldiers were not killed. They were knocked down and out by the angel's presence and earthquake. Certain of the guards went and reported that Jesus had risen. They were given hush money and a bribe to claim that his body was stolen after the soldiers were "overpowered by fishermen" 🙄
Lastly there is the overwhelming proof of the Apostle Paul who had met the risen Lord enroute to persecute Christians- believers of the resurrection. He killed and incarcerated believers for his hobby. Something drastically changed and that was that he met the resurrected Lord.


The most important fact of the gospel is that he rose again and the World/ lost were the first to believe it- even before the followers of Jesus.

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