Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Glimpse Of God's Holiness

Gazing into hell for 5 seconds would alter your thinking for mankind; gazing into heaven would revolutionize your thinking for the glory of God.

Man is worthy of hell. Man deserves to burn forever having his skin burning in an eternal unquenchable flame. We deserve to be tortured beyond measure for our iniquity and trespasses against a thrice Holy God.

And yet we whimper and whine when something on this earth seems tragic  and bring such an impugn on God's sovereignty and Justice. We claim God responsible for problems in our life when it is our sin nature and the repercussions of Adam's choice.

Peer into heaven and see as Isaiah saw- Holy God high and lifted up! We are an unclean people with unclean hearts and hands. Woe is me gets changed to Woe am I!
 When we confess our sinfulness then will he allow us to repent. When we repent then will he forgive and purify us. Then we will be able to go to the world and tell them as God has said.

I beg of you- get a glimpse of God's chief attribute- he is Holy!

He commands us to be Holy EVEN as he is Holy. Purify your hands and hearts ye double minded!

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